Dobbs Doherty Performance Solutions


When it comes to performance based design, the most important thing is getting the right solution when you need it. Dobbs Doherty have a proven track record of delivering leading solutions across all building types and are now offering performance solutions across all disciplines including more.

    More About Performance Solutions


    Performance Solutions are the technical justification of solutions that may not comply with the prescriptive provisions of the National Construction Code (NCC).


    If we think about Fire Safety, by measuring the level of safety of a design against a design that complies with the prescriptive provisions, it is demonstrated that an adequate level of safety is met and can be accepted by authorities and then approval can be given for permits. This is an example more.

    Peer review and Reg 126 Certification


    In the Performance Solution approvals process, the Relevant Building Surveyor must accept the fire engineering technical justification documented in the Fire Engineering Report. The Relevant Building Surveyor can only accept a Performance Solution if they understand and agree with all parts of the technical justification. Due to the complex nature of Fire Safety Engineering these solutions are often more.


    Council Building Notice, Council Building Order -  Show Cause


    Being served with a council building notice or building order is difficult and stressful for building owners.


    Whether it's existing conditions or building works completed without permits, we understand and are willing to help. Clearly, the most important thing is more.