More About Performance Solutions


Performance Solutions are the technical justification of solutions that may not comply with the prescriptive provisions of the National Construction Code (NCC).


If we think about Fire Safety, by measuring the level of safety of a design against a design that complies with the prescriptive provisions, it is demonstrated that an adequate level of safety is met and can be accepted by authorities and then approval can be given for permits. This is an example of a pathway that allows our team to provide performance solutions.


Performance Solutions which were previously known as Alternative Solutions allow building surveyors to accept building solutions that do not comply with the prescriptive provisions of the National Construction Code. Their use has been written into the Code for over 20 years. These days they include Fire Safety Engineering, Disability Access and many other parts of the built environment.


Performance Solutions can facilitate architectural freedom, improved amenity, cost and space savings.  So when your design is unable to comply with the National Construction Code or you want to push design boundaries beyond what the prescriptive requirements allow, Dobbs Doherty are the right team to help you get an approved solution.


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