Performance Solutions

Performance Solutions are the technical justification of building designs that don’t or can’t comply with prescriptive Building Code provisions. Rather than satisfying a set of rules, the performance of a building design is measured using calculations and engineering principles. If the performance of the building design satisfies agreed acceptance criteria then it will satisfy the Building Code of Australia’s Performance Requirements. These Performance Solutions can provide more efficient building designs which improve architectural vision, financial and operational objectives.


Dobbs Doherty specialise in Performance Solutions for buildings. We are one of the leading Fire Engineering Consultancies in Australia, operating since 2012. Our office has extensive historical and recent experience in helping our clients obtain regulatory approval on thousands of projects. We’re confident in our local knowledge of regulatory expectations. We know what building designs are likely to be approved by authorities and fire brigades.


We’ve experience and capability in all types and sizes of buildings however we choose to specialise in:

  • Small to Medium sized Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Developments,
  • Dwellings and Townhouses,
  • Large Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Developments,
  • Responding to Council Building Notices and Building Orders including Combustible Cladding,
  • Aged Care, Child Care and Entertainment facilities,
  • Changes of Building Use and Building Alterations,
  • Portable Buildings, Temporary Structures and Events,
  • Large sites and precincts,
  • Secured egress facilities including prisons and mental health institutions.
  • Carports

Where required, we can arrange for a fully independent regulation 126 design certification for our Performance Solutions. We’re also willing to provide peer reviews and regulation 126 design certification for Performance Solutions developed by others.


Dobbs Doherty are registered to practise throughout Australia. Our Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance provides coverage for Performance Solutions on all building design elements including combustible cladding making us fully insured and therefore fully compliant with regulatory requirements.